Hedgehog Garden : Facts

Hedgehog Garden : Facts

Hedgehog Garden resisdent - Harri

The facts about Hedgehogs


Hi there Humans and Hedgehogs and welcome to Harris Garden. Yes, thats right I’m a real Hedgehog – I’m a European Erinaceus Europaeus Hedgehog. My real name is Harri & I’m here to help my prickly friends and Hedgehogs everywhere stay alive. You can find out more about me and some Hedgehog facts here.

Its a fact that Hedgehogs could be extinct in as little as 5 years? Now thats almost as scary as coming nose to nose with a Badger at midnight.

It’s not only Badgers and cars that are our enemies, there are lots of reasons why Hedgehogs are facing extinction and we need more help and care, the main reason is that our land is increasingly bing cultivated and urbanised. We really need your help – in fact your help is now essential for us to continue living! The European Hedgehog needs human shelter – (Hedgehog houses are great), food and lot’s of kindness . Hedgehogs are particularly vulnerable during the winter, personally I tend to hibernate around mid-November and resurface in March. However each Hedgehog is different, not all Hedgehogs wake up on time so if you see a Hedgehog during the late Autumn, looking low in weight  then its probably advisable to call a Hedgehog charity or a local Vet – which will often provide medical help free of charge. I’ve provided links to relevant organisations that may be able to offer assistance.  

I’m lucky, I love my Hedgehog Garden, life here is great, but I want all Hedgehogs to have the same experience. It’s good to have a Hedgehog around, not only are we beautiful with our 6,000 spines but we’re also great fun to listen too, we are such noisy eaters, we love our food so keep your ears open, you never know you may already have a Hedgehog or two at the bottom of your garden.

There are lots of ways you can help Hedgehogs survive, I’ve provided lots of Hedgehog facts, Hedgehog advice and Hedgehog tips; helping you care for Hedgehogs and I’ll update my site and Hedgehog facts regularly so keep in touch and email me if you have any Hedgehog questions, comments or have Hedgehog Pictures or Hedgehog Videos to share, it can get a little lonely poking around the leaves…