About me

About me

Hi there, my name is Harri and I’m here to help stop Hedgehogs becoming extint. Hedgehog Garden is my very own blog, sent to you from my favourite bamboo garden. I’ll provide you with lots of Hedgehog facts, figures and ways you can help my species survive including how to make your garden Hedgehog friendly, our favourite food and ways that you can help Hedgehogs in your local area, plus I’ll be posting your favourite videos and pictures.

So, heres a little bit about me….I’m 3 years old, I adore food and I also love shoes (particularly red Wellington’s). My gender isn’t really that important, my world is composed of many shades of grey (particularly as I live  in Manchester) and it doesn’t define who I am. Also I’m not that keen on labels (but I’ll get to that in another blog) and YES, most importantly I am a Hedgehog. I’m very proud to be a Hedgehog and although it’s been a struggle over the years I wear my spikes with pride. I do not hide, I am in fact rather sociable when I choose to be. YES, I also live in a garden (well actually 9 gardens, but this is my favourite), admittedly they may not technically be my gardens but we’re living in a recession and its all about caring and sharing (for free) these days, we’ll get to that later in the blog as well…. No, I am not a vegetarian, it’s not that I choose not to be it’s just I run better with some animal products inside me, but  I do care deeply about animal welfare and continue to share a concern for all sentient beings. Finally, YES this week something happened that has changed my small and insecure Hedgehog world for ever.

As usual I was minding my own business, strolling under the Bamboo leaves, daydreaming and hoping to capitalise on my mid morning sun explorations. Then I saw you, a singing Homosapien putting something in my wood store, you just looked so cute in your little red outfit and funny flat face I couldn’t resist  you, I think they call you ‘posties’. Obviously this being my secret woodstore where I find my favourite insect snacks I rushed over to investigate (once you’d peddled off on your funny wheel machine that is…)

It was a brown package, It didn’t smell particularly interesting, it made no noise at all and it didn’t move. So I put on my glasses (being a bit blind) and read the word Amazon on the packet, hmmm….I wondered if it was a box of dried fruit from the Amazon forest (I know my neighbours like to impress their friends with unusual food at their “dinner parties” (the ones where they pretend they’re not showing off their new Aga). I heard you say once that you “cook with Guava fruit nearly everyday, but don’t forget I was there the first time you cooked it, and it was only last week, I was watching – I always am! Or maybe its some dried Amazonian insect flakes, who knows these days.

So, I checked that no one was looking and ripped it open, hmmm……what the slugging hell is that?…a shiny piece of glass with an apple on it! Well, I just LOVE APPLES……I just couldn’t contain my excitement, maybe I had found an apple machine, or an apple replicator…I don’t know I’m just a Hedgehog.

Well to cut a long story short, after dragging it all the way home it tasted vile, it was utterly disgusting. The only great thing was the shiny black glass….I could see my beautiful spikes and long wrinkly face in it, it was brilliant – I just couldn’t stop looking at myself. I’ve always attempted to develop a strong sense of self, it’s been really hard, I’ve been criticised, isolated and trodden on throughout the years but to see my true self in all its physical presence was just fantastic, I felt so spiritual, there was no confusion, for once I had clarity. I alone do not exist. Also, being very superficial here, I’ve been told I have a fantastic nose and although I still can’t see it myself I love it when it’s given a good stroke (only by the right Hedgehog of course).

Once I recovered from my bitter disappointment of the non apple making machine I read the instructions. I plugged it into the outdoor socket and began to play. Well I can truly say I am one happy Hedgehog. Me and my machine are having a very prickly affair, I’m not sure it’s love just yet, but I’m losing weight, I’m very distracted and I’m feeling very creative – I just never want this feeling to end. I see a whole new life ahead of me. I’m not sure where it’s all going to lead  but I know I need a reason, I need meaning in my life and I need some direction. My existence has been proven, I am full of love and want to share. So, In an attempt to create meaning in this experience and to give something back I have decided to take some big brave steps forward and start my own blog from the comfort of my Hedgehog house. Believe me, It is not an excuse to play with my new machine, this is true Hedgehog altruism in a world where technology and wildlife have come together to embrace and help all – regardless of parentage, colour, skin texture, infestations or nose size.

Harri is here to help you help us Hogs, or Urchins and Hedhepigs as we’ve also been known! I’m not so keen on those I have to say, although do quite like my scientific sounding name of Erinaceus Europaeus. So I’ll keep you updated in my blog, I’ll tell you what we like, what we eat and how you can help us survive. We need your help , we’re hurtling towards mass extinction  as I grunt and I’m really not very good at feeling threatened. It makes me want to call up in a ball for ever, but then I suppose that would defeat the object. So, help me out too, send me your stories, your photos, videos, questions…anything…and lets work towards a Hedgehog friendly state forever.

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